Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Translation - elly's latest diary entry


What are you doing in this three-days holiday?

I went to Fuji safari park. it took like forever to get there. When I drove on the freeway, my son said "wanna pee" many times...

It was hectic. It was so crowded on the freeway maybe because of this holiday.

My son has got used to sitting on a baby seat. I feel relieved. Finally! I reached the entrance of the park!, many animals were so close to us. I was so excited! BUT my son was watching a dvd...

Unfortunately we couldn't get on the safari-bus, so we drove into the park by my own car. But there were a line of cars and we couldn't move...Unexpectedly, a bear was coming!

"There's a bear, darling!" (Eriko)

"Oh" (son)

although I was happy that he looked happy...

he was trying to open the window!!! I was desperately saying "you can't do that", but...he looked annoyed and "why?"

Everyone, if you drive in the park with your car, you can't open the window. Lions could eat you. Be careful.lol

I explained him about it over and over again

at last he understood

However, after that when I said "there's a lion over ther" to him, he didn't really care.

Eriko "Look at that elephant!" Son "it's scary...."

after the window incident, my son didn't show much interest in animals...

we saw many animals, but they didn't let animals come close to us because it was so crowded

Only giraffes walked on the centre of the road. We two were impressed by them

It was about one and a half hour in total.

My son was satisfied with the ice cream that I bought for him.

I was worried about the traffic jam on the way home

There were many happenings, but all are my good memories

they will be sources of funny conversation.

Everyone, today is the last day of this holidays

Let's enjoy the last day!

See ya


Translated by STONE for SPEED is Back

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Star Wing said...

Thx for the translation :3

Eripeng.net said...

great~ keep translating man!

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