Saturday, November 8, 2008

DOWNLOAD - Ashita no Sora (CDTV)

SPEED New Live!

Ashita no Sora (CDTV 11.08)

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Credits: hikkichan@jpopsuki

3 comentarios:

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Hmm Speed faces some tough competition this week. Also releasing on the same day are:

Dreams Come True: Tsuretette Tsuretette
ORANGE RANGE: Oshare Banchou
Mika Nakashima: Orion

I'm confident they'll break the top four but most importantly I hope they break the 100,000 copies mark!!

Víc said...

It's hard but I'm sure that they will break 100.000 copies mark!!

I really hope so ^^

Anonymous said...

Mika Nakashima doesn't pose much of a threat to them. In accordance to NINKI, Mika's releasing an album 2 weeks later, and the songs on her single will be included. But Thelma Aoyama, DREAMS COME TRUE and ORANGE RANGE are some competitors, together with Arashi which may have incredible sales for their 2nd week.

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