Thursday, November 6, 2008

Regarding to the DL page

As many of you find difficulites when using the previous one..
I don't know why, as it works well on me,
SO, here is another link for the DL page, but this host is not ads-free

Please, can anyone who have problems with the previous link ,
kindly leave a reply for me and tell me if the new one works well.

P.S. If anyone of you know that there is a
good place to store the dl page,
please let me know..^^


5 comentarios:

殺人微笑 said...

Thank you very much.
Now i can use firefox to visit your DL page.
I will always support you as support for SPEED.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was fast! The old website works fine with Internet Explorer but not with Firefox. The new one is working fine on both the browsers for me ^-^
I don't think you need to transfer the download page somewhere else, the new one works well, and even old one is good <3
Btw, love the simple and elegant layout of the site!

~Star Wing*

vivimai said...

thanks 2 of you for the comment!I am happy that it works well on the browsers!!Thanks for leaving the comment!^^

Juan said...

Tried both sites, have no problem though I'm using IE only. Thanks again for your time and effort in uploading the files.

Cindy said...

I can open the site!!! Thank you so much!!!Love, Love, Love!!!

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