Friday, December 12, 2008

New Release - 20 Nen 200 Kyoku + a Love High Quality CD Box

A new release was listed in cdjapan

"Reissue featuring High-quality (HQCD) format. Set includes 215 songs total. This CD is set of "20 Nen 200 Kyoku" and "a LOVE."

It will included songs of SPEED, hiro, Takako Uehara, Hitoe, Eriko Imai, Coco d'Or and many others in 5 discs.

Date of Release: 2009.03.04

Price: 8400yen (Tax incl.) // AVCD-23780


Neowing add tracklist + cover ^^

57. [Disc2 邦楽50曲] Confession/ hiro
64. [Disc2 邦楽50曲] GLORY-君がいるから-/ 上原多香子
66. [Disc2 邦楽50曲] Our Relation/ 今井絵理子
72. [Disc2 邦楽50曲] I Got You/ 仁絵
81. [Disc2 邦楽50曲] Be My Love/ SPEED
106.[Disc3 邦楽50曲] Fly Me To The Moon/ Coco d'Or

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