Sunday, December 7, 2008

Taka to star in Wang Leehom new MV

According to the news, Takako arrived Taiwan on 6/12.
She was invited by Wang Leehom, a famous singers in Taiwan,
to star in his mv "Heart Beat"

As the song was written by Leehom and it was his real love story,
So he need to act in the MV, and it was said by his company that
Takako was chosen by them, and Leehom agreed with their suggestion.

Takako has a fresh photo album, angel face and a devil figure,
but she dressed like a glutinous rice meat dumpling as she
covered up her body with a lot of clothes in the airport.

Updated: (some news from coco about the shooting of mv)

上は白いシャツ。 撮影始まる前に、

Taka wore white clothes today, with white shirt and skirt,
There are news interviews from different news medias before the shooting.
Taka was smiling all the time, but it was quite sad that she didn't speak much.

Source: Coco, Gina, Vick, AsianFanatics Forum,

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DEEPS said...

If know this news ahead of time.
I can go to the airport to have a look.

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