Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hiroko will be in Minna de dori suru? DO YOU DREAMS COME TRUE? SPECIAL LIVE for 20th anniversary of this group.

Guest: Hiroko Shimabukuro, Hiromi Uehara, ayaka, Crystal Kay, hiroko(mihimaru GT), Aya Hirahara, Yo Hitoto & DREAMS COME TRUE

Date: 2009.03.10
Start at 19:00 (opening doors at 17:30)
Place: Yoyogi National Gymnasium
Price: ¥7,600
Production: WOWOW

Official site: http://dydct-live.com/

Ticket Sale

Yorimo senkou yorimo.jp

02.10: 10:00 ~ 02.19: 18:00

e + pre order


02.28: 10:00

Credits: CKH + coco + Identity@Speed is Back BBS

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