Thursday, October 23, 2008

INFO - SPEED Live Talk

SPEED will give a live talk in november 12th. in Yahoo Japan.

Date: 2008.11.12 (wednesday)
Time: 9pm-10pm

EDIT: You can send mesages to SPEED from this site ^^ (thanks to Kenneth for this tip)

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Kenneth said...

Is it live as in we can watch it on the same time online also?

Anyway, we can write letter to them through this site. Remember to ask more fans especially from Singapore and all over asia to write and let them come to our country for a tour. hehe I already sent mine,
hopefully they will see it. :D

vivimai said...

um..I'm not sure if we can watch online at the same time..but i think there must be someobe cap the video and upload it soon^^

Kenneth said...

hmm... at the same time im nt sure but i realize we can see it after a few days later coz they allows ppl to view the previous full interview.

Thanks anyway!

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