Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hello everybody. As much as we would like to share all the good downloads and resources with SPEED fans all around the world, we would like to lay down a few ground rules to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

1. Please do not steal our links.
We are doing our best to get the requests completed and to upload what everybody wants and we hope that people who are downloading these stuff are crediting us for it.

2. Please treat all members, webmasters and webmistresses properly.
Everybody visiting this blog (I'm sure) would want to enjoy themselves with the good stuff. We feel that everybody should be friendly towards each other. After all, we're all SPEED fans!

-Additional rules will be listed if needed-

1 comentarios:

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the downloading files.... I download all things Speed and their's members which i dont have right now, It really helps me much! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have a Takako song, in this link :


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