Monday, October 27, 2008

DOWNLOAD - SPEED Ashita no Sora PV

Here is あしたの空 (Ashita no Sora ) PV

It's too awesome!!! All SPEED members looks so beautiful *.*

Size: 148 MB

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DOWNLOAD Part 1 // Part 2

8 comentarios: said...

thanks for posting this pv out!

love it alot.. :)

vivimai said...

thanks are so fast!!!!

kokekun said...

thanx so much! i finish my work this morning and watched b4 goin 2 class. its kinda precious time, not much close shots,hardly ever can see taka or hitoe singing but couldnt expect there would be choreography :O

waiting for something new!!


Anonymous said...

Thx for sharing^^ They look so pretty in the PV, Speed Forever!!

Kenneth said...

yeah.. me too.. my eyes almost drop out when they started dancing... I was still expecting to maybe walk ard singing.. like Be My Love . But when they start dancing. my eyes almost drop out.. (repeating~)

Juan said...

Thanks for the post. Love it.

airi said...

thanks!! downloading (?) XD

StarWing said...

Thx so much for the upload!
The song is beautiful and everyone looks so cute and lovely.

Keep up the good work!

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