Tuesday, October 28, 2008

INFO - November TV Schedule

TV Station Website listed TV Schedule for 2 first weeks of november, SPEED will be in many music shows so we'll have a lot of Ashita no Sora lives ^^

Partial TV Schedule


11.08 - CDTV (TBS)

11.09 - Music Lovers (NTV)

11.12 - Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke JET (Fuji TV)


11.14 - Music Station (TV Asahi)

11.14 - Koiuta 2008~Autumn&Winter~ (NHK)

Note: Also we have to wait Official Website TV Schedule, surely will have more TV Shows ^^ I'll add here too when that happen.


11.22 - Music Fair 21
11.23 - Domoto Kyodai (Thanks to sumigolf for the info ^^) source: Japan Guide Magazine

6 comentarios:

sumigolf said...

SPEED maybe appear in "Domoto Kyodai" in November 23rd.

Sourse is TV guide magazine.

Webmaster said...

Thank you very much sumigolf ^^

I'll add the info :)

無名 said...

cool! SPEED on domoto kyoudai! =D

ikafadz said...

11nov - music fighter

Webmaster said...

Thanks! but Music Fighter is on air fridays right? and november 11th is tuesday O.o

kokekun said...

OMG! so many tv shows. can't already believe they are together even watching the PV... there must be a tour in summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanx 4 the info! :)

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