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Single ashita no sora ( the sky of tomorrow) release!


SPEED came back at "24 hours TV" this summer! They will release a new single "ashita no sora". It's been 12 years since their debut...
This interview will show you SPEED in 2008!

1996, right after releasing "BODY & SOUL" as their debut single, they became one of top singers.
Their all songs were great hits before their break up in 2000.
It's been 8 years since the break up. They've come back!!!

In August, they four appeared on a charity TV program "24 hours TV", right after that, many fans sent many messages which ask SPEED to come back. That led to SPEED's restart!

Hitoe says "after the broke up, we gave two concerts for charity. Both of them were temporary. If there were something that we wanted to support, we were going to gather as SPEED. So we were going to do SPEED temporarily at first, but we knew that many people longed for our coming back. That's why we decided to start as SPEED again"

Takako says "when the group broke up, we were 16-18 years old. but now we are in mid-20's. therefore, we needed to consider this coming back. We are not the age of doing things off the top of my head"

Hiroko says "We began to make our mind together at first. We discussed over and over again. All of us are very serious and can't do things without thoughts. Because we worked individually for a long time, it was neccesary to put our mind together. Now we are we had to think about grow-up SPEED."

Hitoe says "the eight years from the end of teenage are huge! Girls change a lot. So we watched ourself in the past on DVDs and youtube together, and we talked about that time. it was But we needed to do that for remembering what SPEED is."

They talked and discussed a lot because SPEED is very important to them. That's why they felt nervous and satisfaction when they performed at 24 hours TV.

Eriko says" we were so nervous. but we hand in hand before the performance. At that time, I felt so happy with this four of us. I felt like power and relieved. So I realised that I have to cherish SPEED"

You will feel such feelings from the new single "ashita no sora". words and music were made by Hiromasa Ijichi who is popular as director of SPEED. This is a ballad song, in this song, there are messages that when you met many hardles and difficulties, if you trust yourself and live in your life, you will be all right. Someday the sun will rise. The rain will stop. It's important to live like that.

Takako says " I believe this is SPEED in our 20's. When we were teenagers, we just can believe in our bright future, but now I know there are not only good things but also hard things in your future. However, that doesn't mean there is no hope. This song is about hopes in hard reality. Anyway, I was moved Eri-chan and Hiro-chan's vocal! I gor goose-bumps when they sang together...At the moment the two make voice together, we become SPEED!"

Hiroko says "while I sing with Eri-chan's voice, my voice turn into SPEED's my voice. I was surprised myself. Both Eri and I have been singing as a solo singer and now we can sing in many ways. So I was worried if our voice would match again. But our voice matched together and became one voice naturally"

Eriko and Hiroko's singing voices still harmonize like before. they sing differently as solo singers. but when they sing together, there is SPEED. it is surprising!

Eriko says" I feel like the time that we debuted now. I am becoming a member of SPEED unconsiously. It's like flicking the That's a funny feeling."

This 15th single includes cool up-tempo song "SOMETHING NEW" and "SPEED's medley song" besides "ashita no sora".SPEED will restart for "ashita"( tomorrow) with this amazing single!

Translated by STONE for SPEED is Back

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