Thursday, October 16, 2008

Translation - elly's diary


"New blog for mobile phone"

I've got a new mobile phone!!! And! I've started a new blog at VISION FACTORY with this phone. .
The title is "ELLY☆ASHIOTO" (ashioto means footsteps in Japanese)
I am going to write a lot in the blog. hehehe
Today's topic was about an interview of SPEED. Please check it out in your freetime.

Take care!

Translated by STONE for SPEED is Back

2 comentarios:

mitsunori said...

Hello. I am stone the translater of Elly's blog. I am not very good at English, so I feel a little embarrased. But I am happy if you guys enjoy it. See ya. 友達!

Anonymous said...

Hey...i think your english is not least i understand everything =) thx for translating, really appreciate it!!

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