Sunday, November 16, 2008

14.000 Visits SP!

Vivimai :

Congratulations to our blog!!!14,000 hits!!!
I am sure that many of you love this too!!
Um..I have been the contributor of the blog nearly a month!!
Thanks Vic for inviting be one of the contributor of a popular site!
Finally, Speed has come back...we have waited for 8 years...
What a long period of time..I hope they will do all the best in their coming years!!

please don't disband for a second time..we can't stand!!XD


Now there are 14.000 visits since this blog started, many good things happened from that time. I started to make a spanish blog but later, I knew some people who request an english site. So I decided to change it. It's not easy for me but here we are.

Vivimai joined to the blog and now we are trying to do our best for supporting SPEED as much as we can.

We have used a lot of effort to make this.

We want to thank all visitors and people that support us. All SPEED fans are very nice.

We will keep working hard!!!

Special Thanks:

Mrken: you were the first people who post here ^^
IDentity: thanks for all your help!!
Ayaya-san: Gracias por todo el apoyo que me das siempre!
Bunny: La ayuda con el diseño del blog fue grandiosa jejeje
Alec: Thanks for help to make the quiz, I hope we can continue with the second soon

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SPEED in Pop Jam (Be my Love + Talk / 2003.08.30)

Size: 260 MB

DOWNLOAD Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

hiro in Utaban (Confession + Talk / 2001.11.22)

Size: 242 MB

DOWNLOAD Part 1 // Part 2 //

Takako in Sekai ! Dangan Toraber (2008.08.06)

Size: 226 MB

DOWNLOAD Part 1 // Part 2  // Part 3

Mirror sharebee

hiro in MUSIX! (2002.08.03)

Size: 317 MB

DOWNLOAD Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

HITOE in Goût Temps Nouveau (2007.08.22)

Size: 200 MB

DOWNLOAD Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

14 comentarios:

Anonymous said...

hey guys!! i still remember when i first came to the blog most of the things were in spanish...and i asked vic if he could translate it to english as it will help a lot of ppl out there and then u guyz really did it!! so it is so appreciated what u guyz have been doing for us SPEED fans over the last months!! now that SPEED is fully back u guyz will be quiet busy uploading stuffs and again we dont kno what we can do but to thanks and thanks a millions timesss!! and dun forget if u guyz need any help just let us know...and we'll try to help it cuz together we can do everything!! hope someday SPEED would come to this blog and leave u guyz a lovely msg!! =) ...i'm on my final year in uni so been very busy since october but u kno what? i will always get some time to come to this blog...cuz it is just amazing!!...hehe...anyway once again THANKSSS for everyone of you!! without u guyz i don't know how can i cope with that!! hehe ... much luv, Carol (support SPEED is Back Forever!)

StarWing said...

Wow, 14,000 Visits! A very hearty congratulations to the blog and a big 'THANKS' to Vic and Vivimai for all their efforts! I loved this blog the first time I saw it and I still love it; I hope it keeps growing the way it is!
And hello to all the SPEED fans too, they are all so nice; I feel so happy to know you all ^-^

And finally, thanks for the 14,000 'Visit Special' Vic :3

kokekun said...

thank you very much for the blog!!

and congrats!


airi♡ said...

ohh *///* thanks for special thanks XD ...but I thank you for creating this wonderful blog.

Congrautalions!! ^^

Bella said...

Gracias :). Sabes que estare, y te ayudare en todo lo que pueda =$.
felicidades por las visitas :D:D


sumigolf said...

This blog is full of love for SPEED. That's so wonderfull.


chacha said...

Congratulations to your blog!
Thank you so much!
Thanks all!

mj said...

Congratulations! This blog is really great.
And thank you so much for posting the news about SPEED.

Hsu said...

Thanks for the upload first!! But, I have a question about Takako's show which only has two parts. After I downloaded it, it does not seem a whole episode. I don't know if it is only me to have this problem, or... Please let me know when you're available. Thanks,

carol.w said...

would u plz upload Takako in Sekai ! Dangan Torabera (2008.08.06) on the sharebee??
cuz i can't open the mediafire.
thx a lot!!!
love SPEED is Back FOREVER!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much to share such video clip online....congrat to tou that your site can have so many visit...

by the way...i can't download HITOE in Goût Temps Nouveau (2007.08.22)part 2 file...can you check the file why can't I download it??


sarsumy said...

These days i begain to pay attation for this blog,the news is very fast,Congratulations,keep your good works,hope can see more SPEED websites come back^^

無名 said...

hehe no problem. gd job for uploading e clips here n very fast updated. btw Rei n 無名 are e same person =P lazy to go edit my profile settings. hehe

Hsu said...

thanks so much for your uploading the missing part!! appreciate your attention!!

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