Sunday, November 16, 2008

Concerning about download

Um..i think that many of you have download from our site...
Me and victor feel happy that you all appreciate our effort..
But we would like to say that we should appreciate
those who capture the videos..
Their effort are much much greater!
What I want to say is, if you download a file
and plan to upload to other place,
Please kindly give credits to the one who capture it/upload it..
You may think that it is not important,
but when you saw that your own videos
are being uploaded everywhere and without giving credits,
that feeling is not good..
So, please use a few second, to give the credits to the original uploader,
We are all speed fans, we should respect each other ^^

Chinese version:
我们想要说的是, 我们不介意你们UPLOAD去其他网站,
我们都是SPEED FANS,应该互相尊重吧^^

5 comentarios:

StarWing said...

That's a nice thought and I agree; credits should always be given to the deserving ones.
If I do upload, I will credit ^-^
Thanks to those who captured the videos, we do appreciate your efforts!

hirotreasure said...

I agree your point of view. We should respect your effort when we use your file to post on other forum

Anonymous said...

it's very important about this
i agree...
hope everybody can respect the rules..


Kenneth said...

yeah.. i truely understand how u guys feel.

I used to have a SPEED website too and uploaded a couple of videos up(of course, yes i do mention where i got the video from). my connection is low then and it took me long hours to upload just one file.

Then one day, someone told me another website stole my link and i just feel so angry. What makes me more angry is coz i normally will locked the zip file with password of my site name and that person who stole my link even put out the password on his site for ppl.

its a very fustrating things.
I definitely support what you have wrote in the post. :)

vivimai said...

thanks for all your comment, both me and vic want to say this thing for a long time..but we just want to give the chance to the people, as we are all speed fans...

but....I can see that in a forum..the whole dl page are the files that we have upload in the's ok..they share their speed love...but i hope they can appreciate the orignal uploader..
the credits should give to them!!><

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