Friday, November 21, 2008


More lives!!!. This time was jspeed who shared with us ^^

Medley - Body & Soul + White Love (FNS 2003.12.03)


Medley - Body & Soul, Go!Go!Heaven, Walking in the rain (MS Super Live 2003)


Medley - Body & Soul, White Love, Walking in the rain (Best Artist 2003.12.17)


Medley - White Love, Steady, Walking in the rain, Be My Love (Utaban 2003.12.18)


Thanks for sharing!!!

4 comentarios:

Lenneth said...

Me encanta el nuevo diseño!!! No sabia que se dedicaban a hacer figuras de personas reales O.O

chacha said...

Thanks for share these videoes!
Thank you very much!

vivimai said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us!^^

carol.w said...

love these videos!!
would u plz upload Medley - Body & Soul + White Love (FNS 2003.12.03) on the zshare?

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