Friday, November 21, 2008

SPEED- The Yorumo Hippare Lives Part 3

It's saturday in Hong Kong, so i have time to post the videos
that i have uploaded a month ago!^^..
Another 6 lives...

I will add the recent downloads to the download page soon^^

Your Love (1999.03.13)
Download in Mediafire

Summer Night Town (1998.06.27)
Download in Mediafire

Sanpo Michi (1998.03.14)
Download in Mediafire

Nostalgia (1998.10.10) (The same file that bakachi uploaded)
Download in Mediafire

Bad Girls (1998.04.04)
Download in Mediafire

Chance (1998.12.19)
Download in Mediafire

5 comentarios:

正夫 said...

『Summer Night Town (1998.06.27)』
This audio-visual file is problematic and unable to broadcast, please check.

Víc said...

Thank you vivimai^^

I really enjoyed Your Love!!! very beautiful ^^

vivimai said...

正夫>>You may try to use VLC media file to play the file~^^

vivimai said...

正夫>>You may try to use VLC player file to play the file~^^

Juan said...

Thanks for the uploads.

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