Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sakigake! Ongaku Bantsuke - SPEED Part (2008.11.12)

Sakigake! Ongaku Bantsuke - SPEED Part (2008.11.12)
Resolution: 352x264
Duration: 8m 19s

I will post the link when there are 22 comments or more.
If you really want the file, leave a comment won't take you so long!

Download: Part 1 // Part 2 (Mediafire)

24 comentarios:

Joey Ho said...

Thank you for your upload.
I am SPEED's fans from HK.
I want to write down something here! Directors are very nice, many thanks for your sharing.Please keep go ahead...

chacha said...

I want to see the media~
Thank you very much!
Thanks all!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your effort.
I really appreciated.

Gina said...

Here to support to make it 22 post! =)

Qoo said...

Thanks alot for all the uploading! Greatly appreciated! A million Thanks!

Hsu said...

greatly appreciate for the upload!!

thye said...

i want the link....thanks a lot...^^

Anonymous said...

hey loving speedisback so much this is a best fansite ever!! loved speed since year 2 (1996) when i saw them performing steady in music station. so hapy to see them reunite!!

speed is forever said...

thanks for your sharing.
my english is not so good.
but I love speed forever.

mj said...

Thank you so much for the file.
I do appreciate for your kindness.

StarWing said...

22 comments 0.0 Hope we do manage to make 22 comments xP
Thanks a lot for sharing all the stuff <3
And thanks to Tsubasaclubbox too!

Btw, Vivimai, do you have and SPEED-'Body & Soul' lives?

carol.w said...

really appreciate for upload!!
would u plz upload on the sharebee?
cos i can't open the mediafire.
thx a lot :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for your upload. I'm from thailand, I like SPEED so much same all FCs. ^^

Anonymous said...

thx for the sharing again...hopefully we got 22 comments!! can't wait to see it!! thx u all and for Tsubasa!!

koke said...

funny the 22 thing :D of course i want every file with SEED on it n_n

arigato gozaimasu!!

Anonymous said...

Thx for sharing^^ If got chinese sub will be more better, haha^^

hirotreasure said...

Thank you for your uploading. I really appreciate your effort. Thanks

Víc said...

Thanka vivimai for uploading those things ^^

Sakigake! is always funny :)

Vick said...

THank You very much

I love this single cant wait for the next one

Daren said...

Here to contribute to the 20th comment!! The comment limit is increasing huh? But we SPEED fans can definitely make it :)

flyingmudpie said...

Thanks for sharing! I would like to see the video! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm 22 must coming here..ha..^^

thank you so much always
let me DL a lot of speed live or
interview ..
really appreciated

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing~
I really luv SPEED for a LONG time.
Thanks agin!

carol.w said...

thx for the sharing.
would u plz upload on the sharebee?
can't open the mediafire.
thx a lot

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