Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Yorumo Hippare Lives Part 1

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So here are 7 lives of Speed in the TV Show - The Yorumo Hippare

Stamina + Talk (1998.01.07)

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Promise (1998.04.04)
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Naze (1999.09.25)

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huffle (1997.10.18)
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Daisuki (1997.10.11)

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1/2 (1997.10.11)
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Love Revolution (1996.08.10)

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2 comentarios:

Webmaster said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this

1/2 is a great cover!!! and promise too ^__^

Domo arigato vivimai!!!

leetolmissjoyce said...

Do you know where we can get the other performances for the day (those that aren't speed?) Thank you.

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